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    Google Glass Development

    Google Glass Development

    Google will surely emerge as a leader in wearable technology with its Google Glass product (it has arguably done so already). Recently released to the general public, Google Glass allows the user to be visually immersed in a digital world; via its onboard display, camera, microphone and processor.
    With a number of years of Google Android phone and tablet experience under our belts (alongside our vast expertise working on iOS products), it is a natural progression for Deplogy to begin to work with our customers to build Google Glass products.

    Whether you are looking to create a consumer app for Glass, or an app for use internally within your organisation, we’d be more than happy to chat through your options.

    Google uses its popular Android OS to run on the Glass hardware, meaning the experience we have developing Android applications for mobile phones and tablets is instantly transferable to this new device.

    The future before your eyes

    Who knows what the future is for wearable technology. It could be a mere flash in the digital pan, the new Betamax or mini disc of the 21st century. However, Google Glass might well change the online landscape for good, blurring the distinctions between ‘online’ & ‘offline’ beyond recognition. Your organisation has the opportunity to be amongst the first to pioneer in this new landscape.

    Looking for a Google Glass developer?

    If you’re looking for a Google Glass developer to build an effective, engaging mobile app – we’d love to be involved. We’ll liaise with you to understand your needs and ensure your app satisfies your users and successfully fulfils your business goals.