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  • Certified Ethical Hacker


    6 days Ethical Hacking training course will provide learners skill of hackers, this course will demonstrate the techniques how to use Hacking tools, methods while attacked to reveal security flaws in systems. LAB Command practice will provide you in-depth knowledge, practice to pass obtain your exam certification and to learn Cyber Security in details to succeed in this rewarding and exciting career.

    What will you learn?

    • Upon leaving this intensive training you will have great experience in hand to understand the Ethical Hacking and be ready to challenge the Cyber Security in the real world.

    • You will also learn about virus creation and much more.

      Who can join the course?

        This course is aimed at beginners, so no previous experience with hand balancing skills is necessary apart from IT knowledge and interest in Hacking.

      Course Content

      1. Introduction to Ethical Hacking
      2. Foot printing and Reconnaissance
      3. Scanning Networks
      4. Enumeration
      5. System Hacking
      6. Malware Threats
      7. Sniffing
      8. Social Engineering
      9. Denial of Service
      10. Session Hijacking
      11. Hacking Web servers
      12. Hackng Web Applications
      13. SQL Injection
      14. Hacking Wireless Networks
      15. Hacking Mobile Platforms
      16. Evading IDS, Firewalls, and Honeypots
      17. Cloud Computing
      18. Cryptography


      • What will be course length per day?

             Course will run 6 hours a day includes 2 breaks

      • Does the course includes the EXAM fees?
      • YES exam will conducted end of the course
      • What’s included?

      Course work

      LAB practice


      Certified Instructor