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    Deplogy is a Custom Algorithm Development company

    Algorithm Development

    Highly complex algorithms are often at the core of innovative software products. The most famous algorithm of the last decade led to the development of the $396 billion dollar titan Google, which changed our lives forever with a simple search box. Today, an estimated 80% of equity trading in the U.S. is done using automated algorithms. Even our phones use algorithms to figure out where we are, what we are doing, and what we might want to do next.
    As the volumes of data we collect on a day-to-day basis grow, data architects are on a race to have more, better, and faster hardware; yet Moore’s Law is showing a slowdown, indicating that throwing more hardware at a data problem is no longer going to fulfil the needs of organizations. As organizations are increasingly and continuously hungry for understanding on how they operate and how they can improve, they must concentrate more on the efficiency and quality of the underlying algorithms that compose suites of data analysis packages versus the hardware they run on.

    The Current State of Algorithm Development

    It’s safe to say that on any given day there are thousands of brilliant computer scientists developing the state of the art and pushing the limits of software, yet there lies a serious problem: Algorithms are being developed all the time, but are not getting into the hands of people and applications that could benefit from them.


    Do you have a unique use case? Our team of experienced data scientists can work with you to develop custom algorithms tailored to your requirements. These algorithms can then be hosted on the Deplogy platform for easy deployment and hassle free maintenance.


    Take a pro-active approach to engaging with your users by knowing what they will do before they do it. Our team has extensive experience building behavioural prediction algorithms. Deplogy suite of industry tailored prediction services include:

    Churn prediction: Identify users that are at risk of churning, before they leave your application.

    Spend prediction: Forecast how much users will spend and identify likely high spenders.

    Conversion prediction: Focus your marketing on individuals with a high likelihood of converting.


    Deplogy offers a wide range of campaign tracking and optimisations services:

    Real time tracking of conversion rates: Optimise your online marketing spend by having a real time view of campaign performance.

    Real time user segmentation: Identify user behaviours as they happen.

    Calculation of Customer Lifetime Value: Pinpoint your most profitable acquisition channels.

    Customise user interaction: Determine your customers’ preferred contact channels and predict likely responders.


    The Deplogy data platform provides the infrastructure needed to collect, store and process high volume and velocity data generated by connected devices. Our scalable infrastructure enables you to get real time insights into your connected device network. Make your devices smarter : Oby leveraging our machine learning services, enabling you to take a proactive approach in managing your IoT infrastructure. Build smart applications by integrating your machine data into products and services with our easy to use APIs