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    At Deplogy, we provide Cyber security assessments

    Security Consulting

    Cyber security assessments and advice that keep information confidential, maintain its integrity, and make it available to use in business processes and operations.

    Information is an essential asset within governments, the military and commercial organisations alike. Sensitive or critically important data can be lost in a number of ways – including system failure, data theft, inappropriate usage, unauthorised access and cyber attacks using computer viruses. Organisations have a moral and often legal obligation to ensure such events never occur.

    The threat of security breaches is rising as connectivity increases and the amount of data that is online escalates ever higher. The number of people capable of effecting breaches is growing too, with the availability of tools that enable relatively unskilled hackers to attack organisations electronically.

    Deplogy security consulting services help customers achieve industry best practice in the confidentiality, integrity and availability of their information and online presence.

    Hacker Security Consulting

    Hacker Security Consulting

    Security risk management – assessing threats, and recommending the most up-to-date and effective measures to manage security risk, involving both people and technology solutions.

    Security architecture:  – developing an architecture that is tuned to the organisation’s specific protective and operational requirements and objectives Human performance.

    Information assurance:  – delivering appropriate security strategy and policy based on industry best practice.

    Security capability development:  – promoting security awareness and skills through training people

    Accreditation support:  – helping customers attain and maintain accreditation for their systems, and comply with relevant standards

    Security audit:  – auditing compliance with documented procedures and standards, and equipping the customer to achieve industry best practice