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  • Cyber Risk Management

    Deplogy can Manage/Assess your entire Cyber Services from all attacks

    Security Assessment

    In today’s world every organization has different requirement, strategies and environment. To ensure the continual effectiveness of technologies, policies, and processes is crucial to safeguarding your assets. To understand the exact stance of security for an organization security assessment is an essential activity. In Security assessment, our consultants apply their experience, innovation and methods used by hacking and intelligence communities. Every company possesses and creates some or other intellectual property or mission critical data that is sensitive to customer, employees, government or general public. So, it becomes critical to identify risks and threats early to prevent data security incidents and control investigation and forensics cost.

    We offer a full range of internal and external assessments to evaluate your systems, applications, and processes for a variety of vulnerabilities, including:

    • Enterprise IT risk assessment and analysis
    • Network security assessment
    • Penetration testing
    • Physical security assessment
    • Vulnerability assessment
    • Web application testing
    • Wireless assessment
    • Policy design and operational assessment
    • VOIP security assessment
    • ERP & SAP security assessments
    • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery assessment
    • Critical Infrastructure security assessment