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    Radio Frequency Identification

    Radio Frequency identification (RFID) lets computer systems identify locations, people, and things. Small tags containing a unique identification number can be read electronically. Different types of tags can be used depending on the distance they need to be read from or the materials they are attached to.

    Deplogy provides a wide range of tags, readers and related equipment for general purpose and specialised applications. We develop computer software that lets business take advantage of the technology in practical solutions for real business problems. Deplogy can also create customised tags for solutions where catalogue items don’t do the job.


    • Aviation & Public Transport
    • Construction & Building Services
    • Facilities Management
    • Local Government
    • Leisure & Entertainment
    • Manufacturing & Logistics
    • Healthcare, Clinical & Medical

    Why choose RFiD

    With terrorism and other threats an ever present reality in today’s world, the safety and security of humans, pharmaceuticals, food, and other highly valuable and highly mobile assets is of utmost importance. Consumers and regulators are increasingly demanding more security and accurate information on products and sensitive materials as they move around the world. Companies that take a proactive position in using RFID to increase safety and security will help set the standards going forward and be looked upon as leaders in today’s global economy.

    Global Standards
    Much progress has been made in the last few years in creating global and industry standards for RFID, thus increasing compatibility and ROI of investments in RFID. Organizations like EPC Global, the US Food and Drug Administration, and others have taken the lead in initiating and organizing standards around their respective industries.

    Deplogy RFiD Solutions

    Deplogy RFiD Solutions

    • Industry Solutions
    • Application Solutions
    • Manufacturing ID Systems
    • Building and Site Services
    • IT Asset Management
    • Supply Chain
    • Shipped OK
    • IBC Systems (Chemical Transportation Tracking Systems)
    • Checked OK Inspection
    Maturing Technology
    Recent developments include increased read ranges and accuracy, better anti-collision techniques, and increased performance in demanding and previously non-ideal environments. Declining hardware and infrastructure costs, and greater abilities to integrate systems seamlessly, make now a great time to invest in RFID. Additionally, with rapid breakthroughs in active real time locating systems, both Wi-Fi and non-Wi-Fi based, the ROI from RFID has never been higher, more immediate, and available to more industries.

    Major organizations, most notably Wal-Mart, the US Department of Defence, Target, Albertson’s and Tesco have begun issuing mandates demanding that their suppliers become RFID compliant on all their shipments. These mandates will undoubtedly trickle down to all of the supporting industries and companies that support these large organizations.